2017 Summer Beauty Trends

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Summer Hair Trends for 2017

Summer is all about staying cool while looking beautiful with a minimal amount of work. It’s that time of year when schedules are filled with cookouts, weddings, celebratory parties, vacations and so much more. With only a few months to enjoy the season, Signature Salon & Spa wants you to make the best of it while looking your best. So go ahead and make those plans and let our stylists handle the rest.

While many of the current styles will continue to be seen this season, there are a few new trends Signature Salon & Spa is excited to share with you!

Hottest Hair Trends for Summer

Micro Plaits

Micro plaits, otherwise known as small braids, are a super simple way to chic up your down ‘do while keeping your hair away from your face. Whether you add a few of these adorable braids to frame your face or to pull your locks back, micro plaits are a quick, practical hair styling technique that’ll leave you looking extra sweet and trendy. For those crazy humid days, which are quite prevalent in Wisconsin, these braids will tame your frizz.

High Ponies for High Temps

Summer Hair Style TrendsPonytails will be worn extra high this summer and work great with straight, curly, sleek or messy hair. A high pony is very versatile and a perfect updo for a wedding or a beach day. To add some class to your pony this season wrap a strand around the base or glam it up with a metallic cuff ponytail holder. Ponytails are also a great way to disguise beach or unwashed hair. So on those super busy days just use your favorite dry shampoo, style and go.

Accessorize for the Ultimate Chic Look

Hair accessories offer a fun, unique way to change up your look and are the simplest way to go from day to evening or work to party mode. Many hair accessory fads come and go, but this year it’s all about classy, chic styles. From headbands to hats, a hair accessory can go a long way.

Build your accessory collection this year and try any of our favorite hair accessories to add a feminine twist to your every day hairstyle.

  • Turban style headbands
  • Bohemian head wraps
  • Floral crowns
  • Jeweled bobby pins
  • Floppy hats (great for sun protection)
  • Beaded headbands

These are only a few of the hairpieces that’ll be seen this summer. Accessories are an inexpensive way to change up your look so be sure to stock up to chic it up.

Summer Make-Up

Orange is the New Black

Summer Make-Up Trends Yes, that’s right, orange is the new black and definitely a color you will want to indulge in. With a large spectrum of oranges, this fun color will be worn bright and bold. From tangerine to blood orange, make a statement with fingernails, lips, eyes or cheeks. The best part about the color orange is that it complements every skin tone, bronzed or freckled and fair.

Should we say orange is the new black or the new look?

Show Off Your Sun-Kissed Skin

Bronze dewy skin is all the rage right now and pairs perfectly with sand and a tan. Give your complexion a radiant glow and in return get a sculpted look. If you choose to wear this makeup for an evening out, pair it with a bold colored lipstick. A sun-kissed sheeny complexion is a perfect summer makeup to try and a suitable option regardless of your hair or eye color.

Your Summer Hair Salon

Signature Salon & Spa’s talented make-up artists and stylists are available to transform your look into a summer beauty you deserve to have. Whether it’s a make-up application, new hair design or both, we’re certain you’ll achieve the hottest look perfect for you. So don’t miss out—schedule your appointment today!