2019’s Beauty Trends Are Headed Our Way

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Makeup and Hair Trends for 2019

New Year. New Trends. New You.

Whether it’s picking up a new hobby, trying unfamiliar cuisines or traveling somewhere different, the beginning of the year always strikes up the urge to change something about ourselves. While some resolutions may be out of reach or tend to fizzle away, upgrading your beauty routine is a simple way to fulfill your fresh desires. Regardless of your individual style, Signature Salon & Spa always recommends getting ahead of the New Year trends before they become outdated or too popular.

Our stylists and makeup artists are here to help steer you in the right direction when it comes to your makeup, hair and nails. Continue reading to learn what styles are predicted to be huge in 2019. From fabulously manicured nails to bold lips, here are the upcoming trends expected to be seen everywhere in 2019.

Go Big and Go Bold With Your Eye and Lip Makeup

Berry Lip TrendBerry lipstick will be seen on many sets of lips this new year. Available in many forms of wear, a berry color will have you looking ready to play in an ultra-glossy or a matte finish. Berry is extremely versatile; complementing pale, medium and dark skin tones and almost every hair color. We highly recommend giving berry a try to see why this shade is becoming an everyday favorite. And remember, the bolder the pout the better!

Big brows and long lashes are here to stay…well at least for 2019. Sculpted eyebrows continue to be striking and make statements this year. Lustrous lashes, too, are still going strong. With elevated innovation and interest in both there’s no sign of these styles fading away anytime soon.

Brighten Your Year with Shimmery Nails

Shimmery, detailed nails are all the sparkle this year. Shimmery polish can be worn mega glamourous or super subtle and in all different finishes to best fit your style. From polka dots to stripes, there’s no wrong way to add some shimmer to your everyday look.

Ombré colored nails are another way to beautify your look this season.  No matter the level of gradient, ombré nails are a unique way to enhance a basic manicure without an elaborate nail design. From monochromatic fades to color explosions, ombré nails appeal to many and are surprisingly easy to execute. Be sure to check out Pinterest before your next Signature Salon & Spa nail appointment to find the perfect look for you.

Hair Trends for 2019: Creative Colors and Baby Bangs

If there was ever a season to experiment with a new hair color, it's spring/summer 2019. There’s no better time to embrace your inner playful side than at the start of the New Year. From a range of pastel hues to a true tonal look, you simply can’t go wrong with adding a fun, new color to your look. Whether you indulge in ombré rainbow styles, pastels or troll-inspired colors, pink is definitely the most favorable color this year. Start off the New Year in style and make a color consultation today. A Signature stylist will help find the right look for you.

Grey continues to maintain popularity among men and women of all ages. From the natural look to an enhanced or colored grey, try rocking the grey look next year.

Baby Bangs Trend 2019Cropped bangs otherwise known as baby bangs are quickly gaining popularity in 2019. Bangs are timeless and surprisingly flattering, requiring minimal upkeep. If you are looking to break out of a hair rut, bangs are the right move. And remember, the shorter your fringe this year the better!

Now is the time to escape from your mundane beauty routine and try one of 2019’s hottest trends. Signature Salon & Spa’s color stylists, makeup artists and nail technicians are ready to boost your beauty with a bright, fresh change. Request an appointment today and become one step closer to the new you.