Waukesha Aesthetician offers Expert Facial Care Tips

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Waukesha Aesthetician offers Expert Facial Care Tips

Perfect Cleansers for 5 Different Skin Types

By Mandy Rogers

Cleansers…there are SO many! What one is right for my skin?? Often I start my facial clients on a gentle mild cleanser (like glotherapeutics Purifying Gel Cleanser or Amrit Organic Perfect Comfort Cleanser) because they’ve been using so many harsh or heavy products on their skin that it’s confused. Using the wrong cleanser (i.e. too rich or too drying) for you skin’s needs can cause major skin issues. Of course there are more than just 5 skin types, and it often depends on what combination of these types you have going on at a particular time of year. Your Signature Salon & Spa  Aesthetician may even recommend 2 different cleansers, one for morning and one for night. A few options to start with:

Oily/Acne-Prone Skin

Pick a gel or a foaming cleanser. glotherapeutics Clear Acne Cleanser or Purifying Gel Cleanser are perfect even if you only get occasional breakouts. They both break up excess oil as well as treats breakouts with antibacterial salicylic acid. The glo Clear Acne Cleanser is a bit stronger for skins that struggle with acne. I also love Amrit Organic Purity Nourishment Cleanser for oily/breakout-prone skin. It foams gently, deeply cleanses and uses anti-bacterial calendula and healing essential oils to speed skin recovery.

Combination Skin

You may have a little of everything going on: You notice mostly just some oil in your T-zone and your cheeks are normal or can be a bit drier. You may also have patches of dry skin post-breakout. Amrit Organic Complete Balance Cleanser will target the dry, the oily and even fight the occasional breakouts and sensitivity.


Skin can be lacking oil (Dry) and/or lacking water (Dehydrated) Your aesthetician can really help you determine your skin type, but if you know you have truly dry skin, a cleansing oil or milk is your best bet.  Try glotherapeutics Conditioning Milk Cleanser AM and PM. glo also makes a Hydrating Gel Cleanser for a drier or dehydrated skin type that prefers a foaming gel vs a creamy milk consistency.


A consult with a professional Signature Aesthetician is a MUST for this skin type to determine what your sensitivities are. Amrit Organic has created a Purely Bare range which includes an extremely calming, soothing Purely Bare Cleanser. Chamomile restores comfort to inflamed skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema and psoriasis.


I work with 2 beautiful cleansers that will target anti-aging in every skin type. Amrit Organic’s Golden Nourishment Cleanser foams and cleanses with refreshing anti-inflammatory lemon balm. For an extra luxurious lather in a creamy cleanser packed with anti-agers, look to our Cyto-Luxe Cleanser. It gently exfoliates with papaya while anti-inflammatory plant stem cells firm and tone the skin.

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