From Hair to Nails, Get Insight On The Look to Have this Fall

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Fall Hair Trends for 2017

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Get ready for some exciting new beauty trends that’ll have you looking your best while the cooler months approach us. This fall and winter season is all about accentuating what you already have and making beautiful more natural. From smokey eyes to romantic hair twists, the Signature team is ready to help transform your look with the newest hairstyle and beauty trends.

Fall in Love with Waves

Tis the season for waves! As much as you may want to hone in on the "perfect" look, it truly doesn’t exist.  Let your waves ride this year; the bigger the better! If you have naturally curly hair, you’re in for a treat. It’s finally time to step away from your flat iron and embrace your natural waves.  All you need is styling cream and a blow dryer. It’s that easy! If you have straight hair, you can create this “messy” chic look with your straight iron or a large barrel curling iron in only a few moments.

From flat to tumbling, waves are all the hype this season and simpler than ever. Whether your hair is long, short, brown or blonde, get ready to break some waves this fall!

Sizzle Up Your Look with Smokey Eyes

Smokey Eye Makeup Is Trending This Fall

Emphasize your eyes with some smokey makeup and get that sultry look you’ve always wanted. Smokey eye makeup can be a tricky look to master but Signature Salon & Spa is here to help! When applied correctly, this makeup technique can give you a look anywhere from a subtle edginess to an elegant glare.

Smokey eye makeup doesn't have to be black, you can achieve this look with liquid liner and eye shadow in shades of grey and brown. We also recommend experimenting with other rich colors like deep plum, navy blue, charcoal gray or olive to enhance your eye color. If you are looking to make your eyes pop even more, try using bright colors with a touch of shimmer for all night glimmer.

Be sure to use primer before applying your makeup and remember a little bit goes along way. Using a primer is critical for a successful smokey eye.

Romanticize your Hairstyle with a Dainty ’Do  

Some of us cringe when we think of trying to style our hair on our own.  Well this season is all about simplicity. Get ready for some romantic hairstyles that’ll have you turning heads.

Low Knots

Low Hair Knots Are Simple and Delicate Looking, Perfect Yours Today! Whether just washed or it’s your off day, a low knot hairdo is simple and delicate when done properly. All you need is to secure your hair in a low pony twisting the hair tightly. When you have four inches of your pony left to wrap, stick your thumb and forefinger through the center of the knot and grab the ends of your hair. Finish the knot by pulling the ends of the pony through the center, letting it loosely hang out of the knot.  Secure with bobby pins and hairspray. For a messy look, put the hair loose leaving a few strands to fall free. This style is stunning yet simple and a must try!

Slick is Chic

The infamous slicked back wet look that graced us this summer is here to stay.  Team this look with a smokey eye and a faux coat to stay warm while looking ever so cool!

Colors to Live By

Peach isn’t just for summer anymore! You can now highlight your gorgeous features all year long with this sun kissed color. Whether you color your lips or your eyelids, peach will warmly enhance your features and is extremely versatile.

Peach Polish

Don’t forget about your nails! If you love the color orange but feel it’s too loud to wear, peach is a great alternative. Peach is subtle yet exciting and looks serene to both eyes and nails.

The beauty trends this year are very desirable and Signature Salon & Spa is excited to share them! Our team of talented stylists and makeup artists stay ahead of the trends and are extremely knowledgeable in the latest beauty techniques. Make your next spa or salon appointment online today to capture a new look.