End of Summer Hair and Body Tips

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End of Summer Hair and Body Tips

While summer has been great, it’s important to learn how to restore your body from the heat and start preparing for the cold. The countless days spent soaking up the sun, chlorine and sand can do serious damage to our hair and skin. Signature Salon & Spa wants to share some simple tips to heal yourself. From spa treatments to DIY masks, the Signature experts are sure to help you help your skin and hair look its absolute best.

Restore Your Damaged (Sun-Kissed) Hair

Restoring Sun Damaged Hair

It’s important to take extra special care of your hair after the heated months. While swimming is a great physical activity, it can leave your locks lifeless and damaged.

No time is better than now to concentrate on reviving your color and shine with a clarifying shampoo and conditioning treatment.


If your hair is beyond dry we recommend a hair mask treatment. Hair masks go deep to soften, strengthen and help restore damaged hair. Some of the best hair masks are those containing nourishing, hydrating ingredients with beneficial minerals, vitamins and electrolytes to effectively restore hair. From DIY treatments to a professional application, a hair mask will give your hair the life it once had.

Out With the Old, In With the New

The multiple effects of heat, humidity, and sunscreen may have turned your glowing skin into an oily mess. Now with summer being over, the desire for a matte complexion doesn’t mean you should skimp on the SPF. Instead, exchange your pool-side products and use a daily sunscreen moisturizer with a soft finish for the most versatile use. A new face and body moisturizer may be required to keep up with the weather changes as well.

If you struggle with finding the right skin care products to use, consult with one of our aestheticians to find the greatest skin care regimen for your skin type.

Facials and Exfoliation Treatments

The only way to uncover glowing skin is to remove the signs of summer by exfoliating away the dead skin and boosting cell turnover. While a natural DIY sugar scrub used 2-3 times a week is a great routine, a professional exfoliation treatment is recommended at the of summer to reveal your healthy, glowing skin. Whether you have dry, normal, oily or sensitive skin, exfoliation can bring new life to your complexion.

Healing Chapped Lips with Honey

It’s time to pucker up and regain the taste of sweet hydration with one simple ingredient – honey. To cure your chapped summer lips, put a few drops of honey on them and let it dry. Apply a thin layer of lip balm to conceal the honey and for added protection. Honey has many benefits including natural antibacterial, soothing agents which are known to heal cracked lips caused by heat, dryness and dehydration. If your lips are severely damaged we recommend using a lip exfoliator to buff away those old skin cells.

Extra Care Goes A Long Way

With each new season comes new beauty care and it’s important to remember maintenance is key. And once you feel good as new, you’ll want to continue the self-care. Signature Salon & Spa provides a variety of services all customized to meet your individual needs. We have a large selection of facials and body treatments to help you look and feel your best throughout the year. Schedule your salon or spa consultation or appointment today!