Haircuts That’ll Make You Look Your Best

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Haircuts That’ll Make You Look Your Best

Signature’s Hair Secrets for Flattering Styles

Believe it or not the way you wear and color your hair can help keep your appearance looking youthful and fresh. While Signature Salon & Spa believes you are as young as you feel, we do know a few beauty tricks to flatter your features the most. Signature’s stylists are here to help make the change you’ve been toying with a reality so hurry and make your appointment today.

Hairstyles to Make You Look Younger

Shine Bright

Whether done with high or low lights make sure your color consists of shine. Polished hair will brighten your appearance since lackluster strands can be very aging and dull your image.

Haircuts to Help You Look and Feel YoungerMake an Uplifting Change with Bangs

Soft bangs worn long or swept to the side provide a classic yet playful look and can take years off your appearance.

Chop off Years with a Bob

Signature loves a bob haircut! What's exciting about a bob is the ability to customize it for your face shape; whether it's chin-length, below the chin, or grazing the ears, bobs are one of the most versatile cuts a woman can have.

Haircuts that Add Volume

Pixie Cuts are Great for Thin Hair

Blended pixie cuts are great for women wanting a manageable cut that’s still chic and at the same time hides aging hair characteristics like thinning.

Add Layers for a Lift

Haircuts That Add Volume

A layered mid-length cut, or a messy shag are both super easy to execute and manage. Each style can be washed and worn with minimal styling while still looking fabulous. The added layering involved in both cuts provide volume for your once full set of locks which is the top reason many older women are trying out this style.

Haircuts that Require No Styling

Mid-Length Shags

Once again, our mid-length layered cut is a favorite for more reasons than one. This shag looks good without additional styling, though there’s still enough hair for the occasional up-do when the occasion calls for it. When you are looking for a versatile, low maintenance cut the mid-length shag is the haircut for you.

Bobs, Lobs and More Bobs

When it comes to easy cuts requiring minimal upkeep, bobs almost always come in first. And the shorter you start, the longer they can grow out. You’ll have endless opportunities to change your style as your hair grows. Bobs also look fantastic slick or texturized providing even more options.

Rock Your Long Hair with Some Layers

If you have long hair and need a lift, layers are your answer. Such a simple technique will rock your world by adding texture and volume and will complement your features when framed around the face.

Hairstyles That Slim Your Face

Hairstyles That'll Slim Your Face

Face slimming haircuts and styles are a very real thing and Signature Salon & Spa is excited to share our favorites with you!

Soft-Teased Ponytails

While a slicked-back pony is meant to enhance round facial features, a high ponytail will do just the opposite. Gently teased and worn with lots of texture will make your face appear thinner for an extremely complementary look.

High Topknots for High Functioning Style

The ever so darling high buns aren’t just worn because they are cute, they actually help women appear younger. A beautifully worn topknot will lengthen your face providing a slimming effect. Whether worn slick for a night out on the town or messy for Saturday errands you’ve got yourself an easy, becoming hairstyle.

Signature Salon & Spa stylists of Waukesha are expertly skilled to help you look your absolute best and meet your every beauty need. Whether you want to look younger, older, thinner, trendier or just longing for a low maintenance look, the Signature team is ready to make it happen!