How to Have Beautiful, Healthy Hair

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How to Have Beautiful, Healthy Hair

Hair Tips from Signature Salon & Spa

With todays’ trends in hairstyles, damaged hair is inevitable. From blowouts to straightening, everyone could benefit from a little hair TLC. Maintaining healthy hair goes beyond standard, every day care. Signature Salon & Spa hair stylists have years of industry experience and know what it takes to have healthy, beautiful hair. Continue reading to learn some simple rules that’ll have your hair looking fabulous all day, every day.

The Proper Way to Wash Your Hair

People are often misguided in thinking they need to wash their hair every single day.  This misconception will actually do more damage than good. Water makes hair swell from the inside, forcing the cuticle up. Wetting your hair every day will cause your hair to become frizzy and break.  Signature Salon & Spa recommends shampooing every other day or if you can hold off longer embrace a dry shampoo to absorb moisture.

Trim Your Hair Often

Hair Tips from Waukesha Salon StylistsTrimming your hair is an essential requirement in maintaining healthy hair, especially if dying and using hair products is part of your normal regimen. Depending on your hair goals and the chemical processes your hair goes through on a regular basis will determine how often you should get a trim.

Hair, on average grows ½ inch every 4 weeks.  Getting a trim every 6-8 weeks is recommended to remove split ends and keep strands healthy. If you are growing your hair out, regular trims will actually help your hair grow faster. If you have short hair, you may need to get your hair cut more often to maintain a fresh and clean look. A Signature Salon & Spa stylist will help you determine how often you should be trimming your hair for better growth and health.

Condition and Deep Condition Often

Deep hair conditioning treatments rehydrate hair above and beyond what daily conditioners are capable of doing. Using a daily conditioner is a must in addition to getting deep conditioning treatments. Signature Salon & Spa offers a variety of conditioning treatments to choose from all designed around your needs.

Conditioning Treatment Options from Signature Salon and Spa Include:

  • Hair Conditioning Treatments at Waukesha Hair SalonEssential Conditioning Treatment – rebuilds weak and damaged hair
  • Moisture & Protein Masque – permanently bonds moisture into the hair and ideal for brittle, damaged hair 
  • Chemistry System – designed for intense needs restoring strength, adding coloring protection and adds softness 
  • Chlorine and Mineral Removal – removes unwanted minerals from your hair like chlorine build-up
  • Scalp & Neck Deep Conditioning Massage Treatment – enjoy a neck and scalp massage while a Signature stylists deep conditions your hair

Additional Healthy Hair Tips from Signature’s Team of Hair Design Experts

  1. Use dry shampoo in between washes (be sure to apply accurately)
  2. Limit sun and chlorine exposure
  3. Use a shampoo and conditioner specific to your hair type

If your hair is damaged or not to your liking, schedule a consultation with a Signature stylist today to discuss your concerns and hair goals. We’ll recommend services, products and a regimen to transform and maintain beautiful, healthful hair.