How to receive the most from your professional Signature Spa Facial

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By Mandy Rogers

We all live such busy lifestyles. When we do find the time to slow down with a professional spa facial, it’s not always just about relaxation. A majority of our spa guests not only want to relax for an hour or more, but also want to make sure they are improving the condition of the skin. What are these brown spots? Why do I keep breaking out? How do I get rid of fine lines? What about home care product? Am I using the right products for my skin type?

If you’ve never had a professional facial and you aren’t sure what type of facial to book or you if you just need to update your homecare product, you can always speak with one of our aestheticians over the phone before you book any of our Waukesha Spa facial services.

Aestheticians are trained in skin care, waxing and makeup, and will help you book the type of treatment you are looking for. All of our guests are also welcome to book a complementary skin care consultation prior to booking your service so that we may answer any of your concerns and recommend a treatment plan for you.

Feel free to bring along any products you are currently using to give your aesthetician an idea of your current regimen. We love to know what you’re using so we can help you figure out what’s working and what isn’t. The more information we have, the better we can customize your service and facial products.

If it’s your first time receiving a Signature Spa Facial we ask that you arrive 15 prior to your appointment time so that you have time to change into a spa robe, fill out our intake form and have a few minutes to relax with a warm shoulder wrap. Please feel free to take advantage of our Relax Lounge before and after your service. You will be able to sink into relaxation a lot easier if you’ve had a few minutes to yourself to clear your mind.

When your aesthetician takes you back to your treatment room, feel free to let her know about any preferences you have regarding temperature or how the treatment table could be adjusted for your comfort. She will then step out of the room so you can get comfortable on our warm luxurious treatment bed.

Your aesthetician will begin your treatment with a relaxing facial cleanse, warm towel and then a skin analysis. She will ask about oil levels and dryness issues and breakouts. Feel free to communicate any concerns you are having with your skin or with any products you are using.

We will check in with you, but never be afraid to let us know if the bed is too warm or if there is too much pressure in the extractions or the massage.  I always let my guest know if the product will have a bit of tingle or stimulating qualities, but if anything is uncomfortable, we want to adjust the treatment for your comfort level.

We then customize an exfoliant, a massage serum and a treatment mask especially for your skin that day. Every facial is different. What your skin needs today in the middle of winter when you might be dehydrated, yet breaking out may be completely different than when we see you next month after your week-long beach vacation.

Most skin types benefit the most from professional facials every 4-6 weeks. Some treatments for conditions such as acne or hyperpigmentation may benefit from treatments every other week until the condition is under control. With open communication between our guest and aesthetician, she’ll be able to give you glowing skin as you relax and let your stress melt away.

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