Skin-Renewing Signature Treatments for Spring

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Skin Care Treatments Waukesha

Spring is just around the corner and Signature Salon & Spa offers several professional treatments to transition your skin into warmer temperatures. Spring is a great time to schedule a series of Signature skin treatments to prep the skin before the sunny Summer months. If your skin is needing a pick-me-up, your Signature Esthetician can add any one of our professional treatments to your monthly Signature Spa Facial, or they are also offered as stand-alone treatments as well.

For mature, fine lines, wrinkles, smoker’s skin or just dull, tired-looking skin, our either of the Vital Assist Pro Lifts can be used on their own or in combination. Each treatment offers instant results followed by continued improvement with the Rx Lift take-home kits used once per week for 4 weeks.

Pro A Lift is a treatment designed to treat anti-aging concerns with a focus on reducing fine lines and wrinkles using Retinoid Phospholipid Growth Factor Complex. Skin is left smoother and firmer immediately after the first treatment. See reduction in pore size, more even tone and a reduction in wrinkles in just a few short weeks.

Pro C Lift uses a high-powered Vitamin C that treats environmentally damaged skin. An Ascorbyl Ester Phospholipid Growth Factor complex helps brighten the skin and lighten sun spot, evens tone and reduces pore size.

 Facial Treatments Waukesha For dry, dehydrated, sensitive skin our Lactic 20% improves the appearance of fine lines, increases collagen production and improves moisture retention while offering a gentle brightening exfoliation.

For oily skin, with or without acne or mild rosacea, our Salicylic 30% deeply cleanses by dissolving oil inside the follicle and on the surface of the skin, while treating acne and rejuvenating skin by increasing collagen production. Used in combination with other anti-inflammatory ingredients, this beta hydroxy treatment is the most effective when used along-side our Bion Acne home care products to treat and heal acne skin.

For skin with hyperpigmentation, sun damage and mild acne and rosacea, our Modified Jessner 14% utilizes a synergy of effective acids to brighten and lighten sun spots, brown pigmentation and reduce some of the redness caused by rosacea. Also ask about our Vital Assist C Lift for an anti-inflammatory, brightening boost for your skin.

Not sure what treatment to start with? Schedule a Chemical Exfoliation Treatment or any Signature Spa Facial, and our estheticians will customize the treatment to your skin’s needs.