Sizzling Styles for the Summer

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Summer Beauty Trends

Get Ahead of the Trends and Learn What Beauty Styles Are Headed Our Way

Summertime can mean different things to different people. For many, it’s time to enjoy the outdoors and soak up the sun. It’s also a time to spend with friends and family taking vacations and just enjoying life to its fullest. For Signature Salon & Spa it also means new beauty trends! With summer fast approaching it’s time to start thinking about changing up your beauty routine.

While some trends are reoccurring and some are brand new, all are straight from the runway and Signature Salon & Spa is very excited to share our top picks for this season.

Embrace the Sun Hat

Look Elegant While Getting Fabulous UV Ray Protection 

Simply spruce up your style while staying cool by wearing a sun hat this summer. Not only will you look super glam, you’ll be giving your scalp and face maximum protection from the damaging sun. Turn heads or hide yours, sun hats should be worn big this summer. Think Derby-style big and you’re headed in the right fashion direction. Plan your hairstyle carefully to prevent dreaded hat hair. Our stylists will help you find a simple summer style to wear underneath your sun hat. 

Rock Your Locks Slicked or Surfer Girl Style

Wavy Hair Trends for Summer

Whether you choose the slicked wet styled hair or a beachy wave, both will have you looking ultra-chic and ready to hit the town. For the scorching hot days, slicking your hair back will not only make you look cooler, you’ll feel cooler too. If you adore the slick style, gel is your friend. Don’t go overboard, just a dollop dispersed at the roots will perfect this look. Slicked back, low-key hair paired with fresh-face makeup and curled lashes is the look to have.

For a romantic appearance beach waves are super simple to achieve and look ever so sweet. Just curl and go. The more natural looking the better. 

Enhance Your Features with These Simple Make-Up Techniques

  1. Bigger, longer eyelashes: You can achieve this look in a multitude of ways. Talk with your Signature esthetician to discuss the best option for you. 
  2. Red Lips with barely there makeup: Classic red lips are given a modern twist this year. The punchy color is worn best with minimal, barely-there eyes for an effortless edgy look.
  3. Rose Gold make-up: Rose gold is truly one of our favorites and is very versatile. This romantic shade is seen worn on the eyes, cheeks, lips or even all three!
  4. Glitter and SparklesSparkify your look subtly or dramatic whichever you prefer.  Bedazzled eyes or loaded inner eyes is every shimmer lover's dream.

Braids Continue to Make Their Existence in 2018

While we’ve seen all types of braids worn on many different types of hair, halo braids are all the rage this summer and are great for those extremely hot and humid days. Framing the face has dual benefits and once again keeps you cool and cute! Don’t stress if you haven’t perfected your braiding skills, a Signature stylist will perfect it for you.

Whether you have a wedding coming up, a graduation party or a special class reunion, your make-up and hair should reflect you as a person while enhancing your features. Let Signature Salon & Spa help you prepare for your special day or get you ready for a summer to remember.

Signature Salon & Spa Services to Take Advantage of This Summer:

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