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Milwaukee Spa Winter Skin Care Tips

Winterize your Skin

Winter has finally graced us with its presence and for some, this is a joyous time. For others, it means havoc for our skin. The frosty winter weather outside combining with the dry, furnace heat will cause our skin to suffer. If you have pre-existing skin conditions, like dermatitis or eczema, certain steps are necessary to protect your skin when temperatures drop. If you have flawless skin, it too can become dry and irritated during the winter months requiring extra special skin care.

Signature Salon & Spa in Waukesha recommends taking action today. Winterizing your skin and preparing it for winter’s harshest elements will give your skin a healthy glow all year round. We offer several spa services and premium facial products formulated for specific skin types for men and women of all ages.

Signature Skin Care Products

Advanced Skin Care with Eve Taylor London

Winter Aromatherapy Skin CareSignature Salon & Spa’s therapists, estheticians and clients have come to value and benefit from Eve Taylor all natural aromatherapy skin and body care products.  Eve Taylor London’s dedication to formulating products designed to imitate the skin’s natural function provides a more effective skin care approach. Their advanced, innovated products are naturally derived and work well beyond normal skin care treatments.  Eye Taylor products are formulated with natural oils extracted from plants, roots, leaves and flowers which enhance the mind and body.

If you experience sensitivity from Wisconsin’s winter climate, Eye Taylor London skin care products will provide the relief you need. Soothe and calm the skin with ingredients like oatmeal and green tea. If dehydration has the best of you, give your skin the rehydration it needs with hyaluronic acid found in many of Eve Taylor’s products.

BiON Skin Care

Signature Salon & Spa carries BiON acne skin care products simply because they work.  BiON has received international recognition for its development of top products in the skincare industry and is used by estheticians and dermatologists worldwide.

BiON Skin Care ProductsMany of our clients suffer from adult acne and have become exhausted from trying every product on the market. Unlike the BiON skin care products, many acne product lines are designed for younger skin. BiON acne products meet the needs of a mature skin formulated to improve the health and appearance by stimulating specific changes within the skin. The BiON acne skincare line has introduced a breakthrough in acne treatments.  With safe and natural ingredients, our clients not only see a difference, they feel a difference. Their product line is continuously improving becoming more and more recognized for its certainty in results.

Winter can take an extra toll on your skin if you suffer from acne. Make the switch to BiON this season and celebrate the skin you deserve. Not only will your acne improve, your overall skin’s appearance will look and feel its best.

Stop by our Waukesha spa today to check out our complete line of products. Our skin care team can assist with selecting the best products for your skin this winter.

Moisturize This Winter and Sooth your Skin

Nourish skin with a rich moisturizer matched to your skin type. After determining the right moisturizer for the winter season, it should be applied twice per day. Additionally, a rich, oil-based cream should be applied at night for maximum hydration while you sleep.

In winter, not only is more moisture recommended, sun protection should also be worn. Even though they may be weaker, the sun’s rays are still effective during the winter. Spending too much time in the snow can even lead to sunburn without protection. A minimum of SPF 30 should be worn all year round.

Exfoliate with a Chemical Peel

In the winter, your skin is constantly turning over. Dead skin needs to be gently removed for the new skin to shine through. Exfoliating not only removes the dead skin, it allows ingredients to absorb more deeply into your skin, maximizing the benefits. There are various methods of exfoliating both naturally and chemically. Signature Salon & Spa offers a variety of chemical peels designed for different skin type needs.

  • Lactic 20%: Improves the appearance of fine lines and moisture retention while increasing collagen production.
  • Salicylic 30%: Deeply cleanses pores while treating acne and rejuvenating skin by increasing collagen production.
  • Glycolic 30% or 60%: Repairs and regenerates skin improving the appearance of aging skin and uneven tone by increasing collagen.
  • Modified Jessner 14%: Reduces the appearance of melasma facial discoloration, freckles, acne and mild rosacea by utilizing a synergy of effective acids.
  • Dermafile Chemical-Free Exfoliation: As natural alternative to chemical peels and microdermabrasion, this spa treatment helps build collagen, smooth fine lines, remove sun damage and pigmentation.

Don’t forget about your lips! Signature Salon & Spa offers exfoliating lip treatments. As sensitive as your lips are, it’s crucial you take extra special care of them during the cold, winter months.

Repair, Protect and Rejuvenate with a Signature Facial

Facials should be part of your regular skin care regimen and are especially beneficial during winter. The drying effects of cold temperatures along with chilling winds lead to dry, irritated skin.  A facial works to counteract these effects by improving circulation, deep cleansing and restoring your skin’s moisture.

Milwaukee Area FacialsImproving circulation to your face stimulates the skin’s natural renewal, revealing younger and smoother skin. Deep cleansing is important for all skin types, particularly those prone to blemishes. Our facials help unblock your pores and promote healing and restoration. Your daily cleansing routine may be adequate for makeup and dirt removal but for truly clean skin, a facial is needed.

Signature Salon & Spa’s licensed estheticians customize each skin care service to meet your individual needs. We use industry leading, advanced skin care brands like Eve Taylor London and BiON acne skin care to maximize results.

Don’t let environmental factors like seasonal changes impact the health of your skin! Signature’s Salon & Spa’s estheticians will help you determine the right skin care products this winter for beautiful, glowing skin.

Schedule your spa facial treatment appointment online today and achieve healthy, glowing skin all year round.