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Benefits of Facials June 2019

The benefits of professional facial treatments are endless. It’s important to know every skin type is different thus having different needs when it comes to skin care. Signature Salon & Spa’s facials are designed to treat a variety of skin conditions and are widely known to help reduce acne, hydrate the skin and rejuvenate amongst many others benefits. From fine lines and sun damage to puffiness and congested skin, your expert Signature esthetician will ensure your skin concerns are addressed.

Signature Facials Treatments offered at our Waukesha Spa:

  • Facial Services WaukeshaSignature Spa Facial
  • Deep Cleanse/Exfoliate Facial
  • Clear Skin Facial
  • Firm Skin Facial
  • Bright Skin Facial
  • Calm Skin Facial
  • Detoxifying Back Treatment
  • Men's Deep Cleanse/Exfoliate Facial
  • Men’s Signature Facial
  • Chemical Exfoliation Treatments

Learn more about the various types of facials and organic ingredients Signature Salon & Spa offers to help improve your skin’s overall clarity, texture and appearance.

Facials Reduce Stress

In addition to treating the skin, facials are stress melting. Whether you are stressed because of work, the kids, the never-ending to do list, or any other reason, you can enjoy the stress relief a facial brings. Stress has a huge impact on physical, emotional and mental health, and can eventually wear you down both mentally and physically. While there are many healthy ways to deal with stress, facial massage and warm aromatherapy compresses help maintain a beautiful glow in addition to reducing stress. At Signature Salon & Spa, step away from everything and solely focus on you.

The total relaxation which encompasses a facial works in conjunction with stress relief to reveal a revitalized you. The Signature Salon & Spa environment offers the ultimate relaxing experience. With today’s world being more fast-paced than ever, taking time for self-care is needed for both mental, physical and emotional health.

Facials Promote Clearer Skin

Facials can be an effective way to clear congestion in the skin such as whiteheads and blackheads which can happen when follicles get clogged with oil and dead skin cells. A customized exfoliation along with gentle decongesting extractions helps balance oil production subsequently preventing future breakouts. Facial massage increases blood flow, oxygenating the tissues leaving you with lifted, firmer, radiant skin.

Facials Rejuvenate Skin and Resulting in Vibrant Aging

Certain lifestyles habits and environmental pollution cause an accumulation of cellular waste and toxicity in our skin and tissues. This stagnation along with our naturally decreasing collagen levels cause puffiness, uneven texture and elasticity.

Signature facials help rejuvenate the skin through exfoliation, delivery of vitamins for instant nourishment and stimulating a healthy flow thru the tissues with aromatic warm compresses and lifting and firming facial massage. Our Signature estheticians customize your skin session specifically for your skin type. Regular Signature facials stimulate cell turnover increasing collagen production, moving the stagnation in the tissues to restore a health flow and glow to your skin.

How Often You Should have a Facial

How often you should get a facial can depend on several factors including lifestyle, age and skin care goals. For best results, it’s important to update your home care seasonally, but we recommend our Signature Spa Facials every 4-6 weeks. Always discuss any skin concerns with your esthetician to determine the best skin care plan for you. Contact Signature Salon & Spa today to schedule an appointment or a consultation.

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