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Beautify Your Skin This Winter December 2019

Cold Weather Skin Care Tips for a Flawless Face

Now that it’s time to say goodbye to fall and welcome winter, the experts at Signature Salon & Spa want to help keep your skin healthy, nourished and glowing. Causing tight and flaky skin, rough knuckles and chapped lips, the cold weather and forced heat indoors wreaks havoc on our skin. Be prepared this season and keep your skin happily hydrated throughout the long cold months. From face to feet, check out our tips to best treat your skin this winter.

Continue Using SPF

Just because it is winter doesn’t mean you should pack away your sunscreen. While there is reduced UVB in winter, the levels of UVA exposure are still significant enough to age our skin. A minimum of SPF 30 is recommended to ensure your face is protected from the sun. If you spend a lot of time outdoors enjoying the cold, we recommend a SPF 50 applied frequently.

Get Professional Skin Treatments

Winter is a great time of year for professional skin treatments like our Signature Spa Facials especially if yourskin is flaky and dull.  Professional facials are typically recommended about every 4 weeks during this time of year. The life cycle of a skin cell is roughly 4 weeks so being consistent with facials will help your skin stay bright and hydrated. Every skin condition is different so it’s important to discuss with your aesthetician the right skin care regimen for you.

Keep Hydrated with a Gentler Cleanser 

Your skin can become drier and often more sensitive due to the double onset of colder air and the continuous use of a HVAC system. In order for your skin to retain vital moisturizer it needs to be as healthy as possible. The use of an oil-based or gentle cream cleanser won’t strip your skin of its natural oils which can lead to dry, irritated skin. If your skin feels tight after washing, your cleanser is disrupting your skin barrier. Skin should feel calm and hydrated after washing.

For help choosing a skin care product right for you, contact Signature Salon & Spa today to set up a consult with a skin care expert. Our aestheticians are happy to answer any questions you may have and guide you in the right direction. 

Adjust Your Daily Skincare Routine

If you have to apply a moisturizermultiple times throughout the day to prevent flaking this is a sign your skin routine needs tweaking. First try adding in a hydrating serum with hyaluronic acid under your moisturizer to draw moisture into the skin. Feed your skin water binding ingredients with one of our balancing toning mists. Next, layering a face oil over your hydrating serum and under your moisturizer will also help restore the barrier function in your skin, helping it to retain its hydration and balance. Modifying your skin care reginmen during the winter is highly recommended and effective as our skin has different needs during this time.

Protect Your Lips 

Winter Skin Care Tips Make sure your lips are sealed with an effective balm at all times, especially before going outside and, eating and drinking certain foods. Acidic foods like tomatoes can irritate chapped lips and ultimately make them worse. If you have dry, chapped lips avoid licking them. Saliva only aggravates the dryness.

Our aestheticians also recommend switching to a sulfate-free toothpaste that can be a huge culprit of inflamed chapped lip and mouth area.

If you enjoy winter sports like skiing remember lips can also get sunburned! It’s important to protect them with sunscreen at all times. Ask our aestheticians which lip treatments include sunscreen or blockers.

Prevent and Cure Chapped Hands

Hands are at a very high risk for becoming chapped and sore in the winter months, especially if you wash your hands frequently throughout the day. Wearing gloves when washing dishes is one way to prevent dryness. Applying hand cream before bed and protecting with a pair gloves is another way to contain the moisturizer and allow the skin barrier to heal overnight.

Hands with very dry skin can start to crack and bleed. If you need a deep moisturizing treatment to start repairs, make an appointment with Signature Salon & Spa.

Don’t Forget About Your Feet

Feet are often forgotten about in the winter and tend to become dry and cracked overtime. Damp socks and cramped boots are a recipe for skincare disaster. Exfoliate frequently and apply an effective moisturizer to help. The occasional winter pedicure is also a crucial step to maintain healthy feet all year round. Plus, a fresh polish keeps your toes looking pretty when everything surrounding you is grey and dull.

Relax with a Good Soak

Baths are the perfect gift to your dry skin. Not only do they provide a great way to relax and relieve stress; baths offer an excellent opportunity to hydrate skin. If you suffer from dry skin conditions like eczema, a treated bath may alleviate your worst symptoms. With the evolving use of bath oils, it’s now easier than ever to create the perfect bath for your skin.

Visit Signature Salon & Spa

Our skin plays a very important role in our health. It is the barrier which keeps water inside of our bodies, so when it is dry and cold, water evaporates off of the surface faster. Signature Salon & Spa wants you to know the importance of keeping your skin conditioned all year round. We offer a number of spa treatments designed to meet your individual skin needs. Whether you spend the day or an hour at our luxurious spa, our skin care experts will take care of your skin’s every need. Skin, scalp, hand and foot treatments work to soften and rehydrate while stimulating healing and repair. 

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