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How to Relieve Stress October 2020

Simple Practices for a Healthier You

While many of us learn to manage stress in different ways, countless people are still trying to cope with it. Whether it’s work related stress, family, or just trying to keep up with day-to-day activities, stress can wreak havoc on our bodies both physically and mentally. With the uncertainty presently surrounding us and the need to adapt to the new normal for which the global pandemic has caused, Signature Salon & Spa has compiled several ideas to help alter your mindset and alleviate any stress which may come your way.

Exercise Your Stress Away

Many of us are currently working from home, but stress comes with any given career and work environment. And, although the standard procedures to complete our jobs may be different, stress is inevitable. While a small amount of stress can actually be good for you, too much can be detrimental. Exercise is a great way to relieve your stress, and a routine exercise regimen will keep you well. Among all the stress relievers, exercise should be at the top of your list. Exercising has a multitude of benefits, and not only will help alleviate stress, but it can also increase your longevity. Some of the top benefits of exercising include:

  • Improves mental health – during exercise, your body releases unwanted chemicals and produces changes in the parts of the brain which regulate stress and anxiety 
  • Makes you feel happy – exercise increases the production of endorphins which are known to help produce positive feelings and reduce the perception of pain 
  • Helps with weight loss – regular exercise has been shown to increase one’s metabolic rate, which will burn more calories and help you lose weight
  • Increase energy levels – exercising is proven to reduce fatigue and provide energy when performed on a regular basis
  • Reduce risk of chronic diseases – regular exercise has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity, cardiovascular fitness, and body composition while decreasing blood pressure and blood fat levels
  • Help maintain healthy skin – exercise can stimulate blood flow and induce skin cell adaptations which can help delay the appearance of aging
  • Improve sleep quality and relaxation – the energy depletion which occurs during exercise stimulates recuperative processes during sleep 

Eat a Healthy Diet

Stress is a common problem we all experience in our lives, some more than others. There are many factors which can cause stress, and while it’s important to identify the triggers, it’s also important to learn how to manage your stress. The food a person consumes can be used as a tool to overcome or reduce the effect of stress on the body. Unhealthy eating habits will only result in a higher level of stress, which in time can lead to further and more serious health problems.

Eating healthy promotes health, and a nutritious diet is a great tool to defend against stress. Eating a balanced and healthy diet is key to helping our bodies manage the physiological changes caused by stress. When stress occurs, a well-balanced diet will boost our resistance against it.

Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet can also increase a person’s overall mood and energy levels. When you eat a healthy diet, your body is more likely to get all of the nutrients it needs to function properly, and improve energy levels. Avoiding sugary foods and drinks will help prevent sugar highs, sugar crashes, and weight gain. Eating healthy also increases blood flow to the brain, which can help prevent brain diseases like Alzheimers and Dementia. Eating well will set you up for success, both physically and mentally, and ultimately increase your longevity.

Make Time for Yourself a Priority

Massage Therapy for Stress Giving some time to yourself is a great way to help relieve stress. Letting your mind and body unwind from the day-to-day bustle to enjoy what you love best can help improve your overall health. Whether it’s taking a bath, immersing yourself in a good book, or indulging in a massage service from your favorite nearby spa, doing things to feed you mentally, emotionally and spiritually are essential to your well-being. You’ll reap the benefits of making time for yourself, meaning you'll have more patience and a more positive attitude toward those around you. You’ll become a better parent, spouse, friend and even a better coworker when you are feeling your absolute best. If finding time seems impossible to you, below are some ideas to help you achieve some well-deserved alone time:

  • If you have children, try to take advantage of their reading or nap time to do something  for yourself
  • Try getting up earlier before anyone else in your house does
  • Assign chores to other household members to help free up some of your time
  • Put your phone down and/or walk away from your computer
  • Once a month, claim a Saturday or Sunday morning for yourself, even if it means adjusting schedules
  • Schedule that spa appointment! Making the commitment will help ensure you get the time you need alone

Take Care of Your Body and Mind

When you’ve had a long, stressful work day or have a splitting headache, the smallest thing can push you over the edge. Taking care of your physical and mental state is essential in building resilience to stress. Body wellness, both physical and mental, can help your nervous system take on new challenges and obstacles in the best possible way. When you encounter stress, it’s important to take extra time for yourself to maintain a healthy body and mind, and understand that stress management is crucial for getting through those bad days.

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