Jade Massage Tool

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Jade Massage Tool

Have you experienced our new Jade Massage Tool in your massage, facial or waxing service?

Considered the health, wealth and longevity stone in Asian cultures, jade is composed of iron, magnesium and calcium it conducts heat or cold equally well, making it ideal for sinus & headache massage.

Non-porous and easy-to-clean, jade therapy can also be used at home to increase circulation, tighten pores, help eliminate toxins from the face and body, reduce inflammation.

Jade Massage Tool Diagram To use the roller start in the center of the forehead and roll firmly and gently outward 3-4 times. Go back to the center of the forehead and roll out in the opposite direction 3-4 times. Use the same technique on the cheeks and jaw line. The Jade Massage Tool can also be used in smoothing downward motions along the neck.

Use the smaller end to improve lymphatic drainage around the eyes helping with dark circles and puffiness. Press lightly in the inner corner of the eye and roll outward to reduce puffiness.

Jade Massage Tool $24

Mandy Rogers, Licensed Aesthetician


Signature Salon & Spa, Waukesha, WI