Spa Facial Treatments in Waukesha

Our Waukesha Spa Facials Rejuvenate and Revitalize to Restore Your Natural Beauty

After a thorough skin analysis, Signature Salon & Spa’s licensed estheticians customize each skin care service for your individual needs. Our Waukesha spa estheticians understand every skin type is different.  Eve Taylor London, glotherapeutics and Bion Acne Skin Care are three of our scientifically advanced skin care lines. Environmental factors like seasonal changes, diet, travel and stress can all greatly impact the health of your skin. When performed on a regular basis, every 4-6 weeks, our Waukesha spa facials combined with your home care routine will result in a noticeable improvement in your skin’s overall clarity, texture and appearance. Complementary make-up retouching is available upon request following any of our Waukesha spa facial treatments. Please reserve your touch-up when booking your spa facial appointment.

Signature Spa Facial

A classic spa facial, using innovative European techniques, your Waukesha spa esthetician will customize a cleansing and exfoliating spa facial treatment specific to your skin's needs. Sink into a relaxation massage of the face, neck and shoulders. Enjoy an arm and hand massage while your customized treatment masque delivers softer, more refreshed, completely balanced skin.

  • 60 minutes $80
  • 90 minutes $100

Signature 45 Min. Facial

Our Waukesha spa professionals have created this mini version of our Signature Spa Facial treatment for those who prefer a deep cleansing treatment. This purifying spa treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions (if needed) OR massage/mask.

  • 45 minutes from $65

Eve Taylor London Organic Aromatherapy Facial

This luxurious aromatherapy treatment is the ultimate facial using only the highest quality organic essential oils to treat both mind and body. This treatment begins with a delicate blend of oils that calm the mind and emotions creating a feeling of wellbeing. Customized for your skin, whether sensitive, delicate, problem or maturing, your Signature Esthetician will exfoliate and hydrate your skin choosing your appropriate skin care. Enjoy a beautifully peaceful massage of the neck, shoulders, face and scalp including lymphatic drainage massage, which reduces fluid retention, flushes toxins and drains sinuses. 

  • 60 minutes from $90

Eve Taylor London Advanced Skin Therapy Facial

Our Eve Taylor London Advance Skin Therapy Facial offers skincare benefits that go beyond that of regular cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing. Our Signature Estheticians carefully choose pharmaceutical grade ingredients and active therapeutic essential oil blends based not only on just your skin type, but your overall modern lifestyle. This facial includes cleansing, exfoliating followed by a customized combination of regenerating ingredients such as plumping Hyaluronic Acid, intensive Telomere DNA repair, collagen building Triple C –Vitamin Complex, lifting and renewing Q10 Serum and/or Pigment Response for brightening. Enjoy a luxurious massage of the neck, shoulders, face and scalp including lymphatic drainage massage, which reduces fluid retention, flushes toxins and drains sinuses. Includes arm & hand treatment, foot & lower leg treatment.

  • 90 minutes from $120

Bion Acne Facial

This acne treatment is customized to treat several different types of breakouts, including acne rosacea, teenage acne as well as menopausal acne. Our Waukesha spa estheticians will complete a professional skin care consultation and design a treatment perfect for your age and type of acne breakout. Bion Acne Treatments help to control oil production and effectively kill acne bacteria while calming inflammation with anti-oxidants and light moisture for rehydrating dry flaky skin.

  • 60 minutes from $90

Anti-Aging Cyto-luxe Firming Facial

This deep penetrating anti-aging facial spa treatment utilizes the cutting-edge science of plant stem cells. This spa facial treatment allows elasticity and plumpness to return to aging skin. Our Waukesha spa invites you to experience a deep cleansing and exfoliation, followed by a luxurious upper body massage and a platinum Cyto-luxe treatment masque. This facial spa treatment delivers immediate results including visible lifting and tightening of the skin as well as softening of expression lines.

  • 60 minutes from $90
  • 90 minutes from $110

Brightening Vitamin C Facial

Our Waukesha spa’s favorite vitamin for preventing free-radical and UV damage also increases your skin’s collagen production and brightens pigmentation. This spa facial treatment includes a brightening polish with gentle steam. Following brightening, a second exfoliation is applied to clear dead skin cells and debris which enhances the absorption of our natural brighteners. Our spa in Waukesha infuses your skin with a Vitamin C masque to soften hyper-pigmentation and revitalize skin, leaving a brighter, more luminous complexion.

  • 60 minutes from $90
  • 90 minutes from $110

Soothing Sensitive Skin Facial

Signal soothing relief with this exclusive treatment designed to safeguard skin with powerful anti-inflammatories, hydrators and anti-oxidants to revitalize, increase strength and enhance radiance. Light exfoliation helps to gently encourage smoother skin and allows for soothing agents to work on a deeper level, providing serious calming action to even the most sensitive skin.

  • 60 minutes from $90

Detoxifying Back Treatment

Our Waukesha spa professionals created this spa treatment for those who prefer a deep pore cleansing of the back. This purifying back skin care treatment includes a cleanse, and steam with exfoliation and extractions to decongest irritated back skin.

  • 45 minutes from $80

Men's Signature 45 Min. Facial

Our Waukesha spa professionals have created this express men’s facial treatment for those who prefer a quick pick-me-up with a deep cleansing. This purifying spa treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions (if needed) OR massage/mask.

  • 45 minutes from $65

Men’s Signature 60 Min. Facial

Our Signature Men’s Facial combines stress relief, while taking the sting out of shaving irritation. This men’s spa treatment facial purifies skin with a cleanse, steam and exfoliation, and any needed extractions to decongest the skin. Enjoy a massage of the face, scalp, neck and shoulders followed by a calming mask which soothes aggravated skin. This superior men’s facial treatment will tone the face and rehydrate the skin.

  • 60 minutes from $80

Pro Rx Treatments

Pro Rx A Lift is a treatment designed to treat anti-aging concerns with a focus on reducing fine lines and wrinkles using Retinoid Phospholipid Growth Factor Complex. Skin is left smoother and firmer immediately after the first treatment. See reduction in pore size, more even tone and a reduction in wrinkles in just a few short weeks.

  • Pro Rx A Lift: 30 minutes $60
  • Pro A Lift Kit: 4 weeks of take home treatments $92

Pro Rx C Lift uses a high-powered Vitamin C that treats environmentally damaged skin. An Ascorbyl Ester Phospholipid Growth Factor complex helps brighten the skin and lighten sun spot, evens tone and reduces pore size.

  • Pro Rx C Lift: 30 minutes $60
  • Pro C Lift Kit:  4 weeks of take home treatments $81

Chemical Exfoliation - Peels

Lactic 20%: This spa facial treatment improves the appearance of fine lines, increases collagen production and improves moisture retention. Our Waukesha spa estheticians recommend this skin care treatment for acne, sun damage and hyperpigmentation, as well as dry and dehydrated skin.

Salicylic 30%: This spa facial treatment deeply cleanses pores with antiseptic properties, while treating acne and rejuvenating skin by increasing collagen production. Our Signature Salon Waukesha Spa recommends this spa facial treatment for acne, mild rosacea, hyperpigmentation and rough skin.

Glycolic 30% or 60%: This spa facial treatment repairs and regenerates skin. This facial treatment significantly improves the appearance of aging skin and uneven tone by increasing collagen. Our Waukesha spa experts recommend this spa facial for aging skin, acne, sun damage, hyperpigmentation and ingrown hairs.

Modified Jessner 14%: This facial spa treatment utilizes a synergy of effective acids to reduce the appearance of melasma facial discoloration, freckles, acne and mild rosacea. Our Waukesha spa estheticians recommend this facial treatment for aging skin, sun damage, hyperpigmentation and acne.

Dermafile Chemical-Free Exfoliation: This spa exfoliating treatment is a holistic alternative to chemical peels and microdermabrasion. This facial treatment does not use crystals or machines, and can also be used to even skin tone on the chest, back, or hands. Much like chemical peels or microdermabrasion, a Dermafile exfoliation spa treatment helps build collagen, smooth fine lines, remove sun damage and pigmentation. This spa treatment can also lessen ingrown hairs, and smooth away dead skin cells and rough, bumpy, dry patches of skin, and scars. Your makeup will go on smoother and your skin will feel incredibly clean and silky smooth.

  • 30 minutes from $55
  • Add on to any facial for $20
  • Ask about series pricing customized for you

Signature Spa Facial Treatment Enhancements

Take your Signature spa facial results and pampering to the next level. Whatever you choose, your Waukesha spa esthetician will customize the treatment for your specific concerns. Choose any of the following:

  • Exfoliating Lip Treatment $15
  • Smoothing Eye Treatment $15
  • Brightening Hand & Forearm Peel $25
  • Chemical Exfoliation Peel or Dermafile Chemical-Free Exfoliation $20
Contact our spa in Waukesha today to schedule your customized facial spa treatment and reinvigorate your skin.