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Discover New Hair and Beauty Trends August 2019

If you are ready for a beauty change continue reading to learn how to transform your current style into something to turn heads. Signature Salon & Spa has the inside scoop on what’s trending and what’s coming our way to keep you in the style game. Step outside your shell this season and try one of these new beauty trends. You won’t regret it!

90’s are Back with Vengeance

Now is the time we can fully appreciate the '90s revival currently taking over the fashion and beauty worlds right now. These old-school trends are here and predicted to stick around awhile. The coolest cuts and color trends exploding this season are distinctly inspired by the '90s with a more natural and laid-back vibe.  From an edgier twist to the classic bob haircut, we’re uncovering what you can expect in the future. (And remember, all you need is a look into the past!)

The “New” Worn Bob Haircut

While bob haircuts are everywhere right now, they aren’t the traditional bob cut you’re used to seeing. The new take on the trend has a '90s twist with a center part leaving the ends to bend inward. Think “the Rachel” but better! The trick to wearing this look is to be sure your bob has plenty of volume to avoid looking like you came straight from the ‘60s. Think blowout big and you’ll master this style. If this style intrigues you, contact Signature Salon today to schedule an appointment. And before you leave, your stylist can demonstrate how to achieve this look at home.

Bangin’ Shags 

If you’re already rocking the “shag” look it’s time to make yours a little more modern by adding softer layers throughout. If you’re looking for a change, now is the time to turn your long beachy waves into a thicker, mid-length cut. Give your cut a '90s twist with added soft layers for a blunt and healthy-looking finish.

Get Polished

Ultra-shiny, smooth hair is the look to have this season.  As hard water, pollution, chlorine and heat styling can all compromise our hair’s texture and its ability to reflect light, getting an ever so attractive gloss can be harder to achieve this time of year. To help offset pollution and the build-up of products which tend to dull our locks, use a clarifying shampoo once a week to cut through unwanted residue. And, if it's formulated for color-treated hair, it’ll help prevent color fade! For a real boost, apply a deep conditioning treatment once a week.

While there are a number of products on the market to help boost your shine, toner is a sure way to achieve a glossy finish. By reflecting the light, an acid-based toner can add shine to natural hair without affecting the color, giving hair a super varnish-like effect which is commonly referred to as glossing.By adding a glossy finish to your locks you’ll create a super simple way to achieve a more polished look.

The Latest in Hair Color Trends 

Faded Pastels

While the pastel hair trend continues to live on it is trending to more of a wash than a permanent or saturated color. The wash look is less of a commitment and adds a little blush on the hair giving for just a hint of color.  If you’re looking to subtly update your look, try adding pastel color as highlights or peekaboos rather than an all over color.

Don’t Be Afraid To Get a Little Dirty

While you may have seen the dirty blonde color around, the dirty brunette is the newest trending color this year. This new hue is a natural-looking brunette color which incorporates dark blonde pieces for a more neutral, smoky vibe. This new hue offers a natural-looking dimension throughout your hair, starting away from the root with extra pops of color on the ends.  Highlights are then toned down to either a dark blond or light brown (whichever bests accentuates your natural coloring). Think somewhere perfectly in the middle of a warm and cool brown and you have the color “dirty brunette”. This gorgeous color is perfect for brunettes looking for a change without having to drastically change their hair color.

Get Bold With Copper Red

Fall Beauty and Hair Color Trends

A rich, copper red is the color to have this season. Fortunately, copper has so many variations of hair color. From a fiery copper to a soft ginger, copper hair is extremely versatile and will always draw attention. Picking the right combo will brighten your skin while highlighting your best features. Additionally, with fall just around the corner, your radiant copper shade will look great with the changing leaves. Consult your Signature stylist today to help choose the right copper hue for you.

Visit Signature Salon & Spa

Get the look to have this season and visit Signature Salon & Spa. Our expert stylists are excited to help make the change you’ve been craving. Get that chic new hairdo you deserve and make your appointment today.

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