Waukesha Massage Therapy and Related Services

Our Waukesha Spa Offers Relaxing and Therapeutic Massage Services

Our Waukesha massage therapists provide the ultimate in relaxation and invigoration. Whether you need muscle therapy after a long week at work, a deep tissue massage after a heavy duty workout, or you’re just looking for a peaceful day of relaxation, our Waukesha spa will provide the perfect massage to rejuvenate you. Our Waukesha massage therapists consult with you to provide the best massage session for your personal needs.

Due to the high demand for our massage therapy services, Signature Salon & Spa requires a 24 hour cancellation notice. Any late cancellations will result in a full charge. Your cooperation allows us to properly accommodate our guests. Thank you! 

Signature Massage

Our Waukesha massage therapists offer the full-body Swedish massage to relax muscles, relieve stress and improve circulation. Our Waukesha spa massage therapists apply light to medium pressure in conjunction with sweeping hand motions and kneading. This Waukesha massage will ease muscle tension, reduce stress and improves overall skin and muscle tone.

  • 30 minutes from $63
  • 45 minutes from $78
  • 60 minutes from $88

Aromatherapy Massage

Our Waukesha massage therapists combine relaxing massage with the healing effects of essential oils with this incredible service. Our Aromatherapy Massage uses the restorative properties of essential oils to relax and heal the body and mind. The aromas inhaled send a message to the limbic system of the brain, which is responsible for emotion and influencing the nervous system and hormones. When this aroma reaches the brain, the effect can be transforming, and increased cognitive function. They are especially helpful with stress and improving emotionally related conditions, such as insomnia, anxiety, headache and digestive problems. The overall effect of the Aromatherapy Massage is calming to both the body and mind. Includes a take-home lotion to prolong your relaxing experience.

  • 60 minutes from $103

Trigger Point Therapy Massage

Our Waukesha massage therapists recommend the massage spa treatment for muscle stiffness, chronic muscle soreness injury related pains caused by tension or stress and pain in specific parts of the body. Our therapists utilize specialized techniques to relieve the body of tightness, soreness and pain. They apply medium to deep pressure to deactivate trigger points (a tight area within the muscle tissue that causes pain in other parts of the body) and return muscle to its normal function. Trigger Point Massage is a results-driven therapy best for addressing an injury or chronic pain. Our Waukesha massage therapists combine this technique with our signature massage so your experience is both relaxing and rehabilitating.

  • 30 minutes from $68
  • 45 minutes from $83
  • 60 minutes from $95

Ultimate Signature Body Massage

This massage is the ultimate in wellness and self-care. Our Waukesha massage therapists combine site-specific work along with a full-body massage to provide adequate time and focus on problem areas. While incorporating the whole body balance and relaxation, your Waukesha massage therapist customizes the Ultimate Body Massage to cater to your individual needs. We provide a specialized treatment plan to help you achieve continued relief.

  • 90 minutes from $140
  • 2 hours from $200


Velvet Massage: Organic

Experience the ultimate in relaxation with a massage featuring our exclusive Signature Velvet Balm. Velvet Balm is a specific blend of the finest organic ingredients of balm butter, jojoba and coconut butter blended with the purest essentials oils of lavender, lemongrass, lemon, and petit grain. Each ingredient has its own unique benefits to reduce muscle tension and inflammation, improve circulation, calm the nervous system and reduce anxiety. These ingredients combined offer the ultimate in relaxation of the mind and body, leaving you feeling relaxed, balanced and renewed.

  • 60 minutes $93

Lymphatic Massage

Our Waukesha massage therapist designed this very light massage to encourage natural toxin elimination through stimulation of the lymphatic system. Specific strokes and strategic massage patterns help stimulate circulation and improve function of the immune system. Our Waukesha spa recommends this massage treatment during season changes. This massage therapy is ideal for those suffering from autoimmune disorders, fluid retention, weight gain, allergies and fatigue. Benefits of the lymphatic massage include reduction of fluid build-up, increased circulation and overall improvement of immune function.

  • 90 minutes from $145

Hot Stone Massage

This deeply relaxing and therapeutic Waukesha spa Hot Stone Massage incorporates natural smooth basalt stones of varying sizes and temperatures. The stones are used in conjunction with massage to gently, but deeply, relax your body and melt away tension and muscle pain. Your Hot Stone Massage can be uniquely customized for deep muscle work, decongestion, energy balancing or simple relaxation.

  • 90 minutes from $155

Reflexology Massage

Our Waukesha massage therapists invite you to experience the ultimate in tension relief. You may choose the hands, feet, or both for your customized Reflexology Massage. Specially formulated lotions are massaged into the skin to increase circulation and stimulate reflex points which trigger and stimulate different body organs. Our Reflexology Massage will provide a cleansing and relaxing experience for improved organ function and overall health.

  • 30 minutes from $78

Pregnancy Massage

Our Waukesha massage therapists use a plush pregnancy pillow during this massage. This specialized pillow allows expectant mothers to lie safely and comfortably on the stomach or back for a therapeutic, full body massage. Our Waukesha massage therapists spend extra time and attention on areas commonly associated with discomfort during and after pregnancy. After receiving your doctor’s approval, this pregnancy massage can be started as early as 10-13 weeks of gestation and can be continued throughout the duration of the pregnancy and beyond. Our Post Pregnancy Massage is a much- needed reprieve for a new mom and will bring your body back into balance after delivery. Talk to your doctor today about receiving a pregnancy or post-pregnancy massage.

  • 60 minutes from $93

Bamboo Massage

Our Waukesha massage therapists will melt away sore, tired muscles with this unique warm massage. This warm Bamboo Massage incorporates heated hollow bamboo canes of various lengths with our deep tissue massage to create an overwhelming feeling of relaxation and calm. The rolling of the canes combined with the heat helps to stimulate blood flow, bringing oxygen to stiff and strained areas of your body. It also assists in increasing lymphatic drainage to help remove toxins from the body and improve function of the immune system. This massage can be beneficial to runners or cyclists experiencing tightness in their legs and feet.

  • 60 minutes from $104
  • 90 minutes from $155


Customize your Waukesha massage experience with one of our enhancements:

  • Back glow - An invigorating application of exfoliating sugar and hydrating oils polish dry skin and leave your back smooth and refreshed - $15
  • Soothing Hot Stones – A wonderful introduction to our stone therapy, heated basalt stones are incorporated into a portion of your massage enhancing relaxation and tension relief - $15
  • Refreshing Cool Stones - Cool lime stones are utilized with facial acupressure to sooth away tension, reducing sinus pressure and facial swelling - $15
  • Peppermint Scalp Massage - A refreshing twist on the scalp massage. The peppermint can help increase circulation, reduce skin dryness and reduces headache pain - $15
  • Aromatherapy - Upgrade your massage to include aromatherapy. Essential oil infused lotion is utilized during your massage to increase relaxation - $15

Massage Policy 

Due to the high demand for our massage therapy services, Signature Salon & Spa requires a credit card on file to hold the appointment and 24-hour cancellation notice. Any late cancellations will result in a full charge to the card on file. Your cooperation allows us to properly accommodate our guests. Thank you!

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