Hair and Skin Care Tips for Summer

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Hair and Skin Care Tips for Summer

Spring Flawlessly into Summer with Beauty Tips from Signature’s Spa Experts

As we patiently wait for summer to arrive, the cold winter months continue to take a toll on our body and hair. From fresh new haircuts to exfoliating treatments, spring is a time to prepare ourselves for what’s to come. Now is the time to rectify the damage with a trip to Signature Salon & Spa in Waukesha.

Remove the Winter from Your Skin

It’s important to stay moisturized and hydrated all year round and it’s also essential to exfoliate. Especially in the colder months! While exfoliating on a regular basis is beneficial in many ways, exfoliating during and after winter is even more beneficial. The drier the skin, the more prone to wrinkles you become and we all know how dry our skin gets when the temperatures drop. A scrub or a peel will remove the dead cells from your skin improving a variety of skin conditions. This simple skin care regimen also increases blood circulation providing new growth followed by that ever so desired glow.

We recommend exfoliating 2 to 3 times a week for radiant, flawless skin. Visit Signature for a facial or body treatment with deep exfoliation.

Happy Hair is Shiny Hair

Protect Your Hair Color This Summer

Hanging out in the scorching heat or swimming in a chlorinated pool can zap the radiance right out of your locks. Boost your shade with some shine this season.  There are many hair gloss products and shine treatments available on the market today. A Signature stylist is always available to guide you in the right direction. If your hair is beyond dull or your roots are in dire need of care, consult with one of our color specialists for a much-needed color application.

Protect Your Strands This Summer with Our Hair Color Care Tips

Brass hair is a common issue for blondes during the summer and our brunettes or redheads typically experience color fading. We recommend using a color shield shampoo with a formula designed to lock in your color keeping it vibrant all summer long.

4 Simple Steps to Protect Your Locks This Summer 

  1. Get frequent trims
  2. Condition more and use deep conditioning treatments
  3. Clarify often
  4. Use a color shield shampoo for continued protection against fading

Heat Proof Your Makeup

Changing up your makeup regimen is a must during the summer months. Heat, sun, sweat and humidity all affect the way your makeup wears. Learning what your skin care needs are may take time. Signature Salon & Spa makeup artists are here to provide pointers, so you can look and feel your best this summer.

Make Lip Color Last

Summer Make Up Tips

Toss the goopy glosses and opt for a long-lasting stain. While glosses and lipsticks can leave you with a heavy lacquer-like wear a stain will last for hours while feeling super light (Even in the hot sun!). Using a lip color with dual applications is always best. Look for a lip color with a stain and a moisturizer so you can recharge when needed.

Go Easy on the Eyes

Prevent the raccoon look by investing in a waterproof mascara and skip all other eye makeup if you plan to play in the sun. If you desire to wear eye makeup for an evening out, be sure to use a foundation and powder first to prevent creases.

Flow with the Glow

A natural looking glow can be achieved many different ways and luckily comes naturally during the summer. And while no time is better than summer to embrace it sometimes we need a little support. Using an illuminator on the top of the cheek bones, inner corners of the eye and under the eyebrow will instantly heat up your look.

Though makeup is often used less during summer, fun new colors and different types of makeup are often experimented with. Meet with one of our skilled makeup artists to find your Signature look this summer and keep your face looking fresh even on the steamiest days is a must.