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How to Maintain the Perfect Looking Beard August 2020

Tips from the Beard Experts at Signature Salon & Spa

Unless you have grown your own beard, it’s hard to understand the level of care a beard needs. Unfortunately, not all men are blessed with the potential to effortlessly grow great looking facial hair. A beard is definitely something you can't just leave and forget about without expecting people not to notice. Signature Salon & Spa has listened to our client’s questions and concerns about growing a beard, and we’ve put together these helpful tips to help men grow (and flaunt) the perfect looking facial hair.

Cleaning Your Beard

While you do not need to wash your beard every day, we recommend washing it 2-3 times a week. Some beards may require more or less depending on body chemistry and how active you are. Facial hair has a coarser structure when compared to head hair, so using a specially designed beard wash may be necessary to keep it clean without damaging your hair or skin. It’s important to keep in mind that using regular shampoo will dry out your beard and skin causing it to become brittle. 

Invest in a Quality Beard Oil

Beard oil is designed to balance hydration naturally. While washing regularly keeps the dirt at bay, it can also strip away some of your beard's natural oil. Beard oil was developed as a leave-in conditioning product designed to balance the natural oils in your beard and on your skin.

Apply a beard oil once a day right after you shower to ensure your pores and hair cells are open which will allow the oil to be absorbed more effectively than it would be otherwise. It’s important to apply your oil to a damp beard as opposed to a dripping wet one to ensure the oil doesn’t drip off as well.  For the oil to be the most effective, you will need to work it into the skin beneath the beard instead of just applying it to the ends of the hair to ensure maximum absorbency.

Depending on the length of your beard, you may also need to use a few more drops for a larger coverage. Longer and fuller beards may need 7 or 8 drops, where a smaller beard may only need half the amount. 

Boost Your Beard with a Style Balm

Styling balms are designed to give you the volume you want, without the weight of other styling products, while also leaving your beard looking healthy and polished. You'll want to apply a style balm when the beard is still slightly damp. For the best results, continue with blow drying the beard dry. Remember, a little goes a long way, so don’t overapply. If you experience a firmer texture than you're looking for, applying a couple drops of oil to your beard after styling will help alleviate some of the undesirable hold.

Combing Your Beard

Combing your beard does involve using specific techniques to make the most of your grooming skills. Your comb should have both wide and narrow teeth: the wider teeth for your beard and the narrow teeth for your mustache.

Begin by holding your comb with the teeth pointed upward and stroke with a relaxed grip to ensure maximum control while you’re combing. Continue to comb out the beard with an upward motion, fluffing it away from your face. The goal should be to separate the hairs of your beard so you can more effectively get rid of the matted beard look.

You may run into snarls while combing your beard, which is completely normal. Rather than forcing a snarl out, gently pull it out with your comb. After you’ve combed your beard thoroughly, comb it back down into your desired shape. Using your hands, apply a finishing product to create the best end result.

Common Beard Mistakes:

  • Forgetting to brush on a regular basis
  • Giving up
  • Neglecting the mustache
  • Shaving too high on the neckline
  • Trimming too much too soon

If you are in need of beard maintenance or want more advice on how to grow a healthy beard, contact Signature Salon & Spa today. From a beard or neck trim to a mustache and beard tint, our stylists will have you looking fashionably dapper with your stunningly trimmed facial hair. 

Signature Salon & Spa offers hair styling, curling, design and haircuts for men and women in Waukesha, Big Bend, Muskego, Mukwonago, Brookfield, Pewaukee, Wales, New Berlin, Milwaukee, West Allis and the surrounding areas! Visit our stylists for all your bridal beauty services!

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