Makeup Tips for Women 50+

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Makeup Tips for Older Women

Learn How To Embrace Your Mature Beauty  

As we all yearn to age gracefully sometimes it’s not in our cards. From genetics to environmental factors, signs of aging can sometimes be more aggressive on certain people.

There are however certain tricks women can learn to hide the unwanted signs of aging. Signature Salon & Spa wants to share some helpful makeup tips older women can benefit from.

Dark Circle are Your Enemy

Dark circles can age your whole appearance, make your eyes look even more tired than they already are and unfortunately get worse as you get older. Below are some pointers to help brighten your eye area.

Do you usually put your concealer right under your eyes to hide the circles? We recommend a new way. Rather than applying the concealer in a swoop following the length of your eyes, try applying your concealer by drawing an upside-down triangle under the eyes and then blend. Another helpful trick is to gently use concealer below and above your eyebrows for added illumination. These simple tricks make a big impact and will leave you feeling amazed at the difference. 

Fuller Eyelashes The Better 

Every woman wants full eyelashes and it’s easy to get them without resorting to harsh chemicals. Curl your lashes, put on your mascara, and be sure your eyelashes are separated, not clumpy. Eyelashes clumped together not only look unsightly, they prevent lashes from looking fuller and longer. This makeup trick will give your lashes more definition.

If your eyelashes are thin, sparse or simply nonexistent, there are a number of lash extension products available.  Whether you choose store bought or professional extensions, fuller, bigger lashes are key to a more youthful appearance. 

Contour Your Age Away

Makeup Tips for Older Women From The Experts at Waukesha's Favorite Salon & Spa Contouring your makeup will not only enhance your features - it can hide your flaws! Contouring draws the eye away from unfavorable areas, allowing your best features to shine. If done correctly contouring can thin features, sculpt and define. If sculpted cheekbones, a thinner jawline or a smaller nose done without plastic surgery sounds appealing we highly advise giving contouring a try. When applied correctly, contouring around your main features can help achieve the look you’ve always wanted.

How to Contour: 

  • Cheekbones- to get those chiseled cheekbones, you’ll want to apply contouring product from the top of your ear to just under your cheeks. Be sure to contour no farther in than your pupil. It’s also effective to keep the contouring thicker near your hair line and thinning towards the center of your face.
  • Smaller Forehead– to make your forehead appear smaller just add your contouring makeup around your hairline. 
  • Smaller Jawline– if you wish to draw attention away from your jaw,  contour just under your jawline.
  • Smaller Nose- thin your nose down a bit using a small angled brush and draw contouring lines down one or both sides of your nose. 

Once you’ve contoured all you desired it’s important to blend as much as you can. The more blended your makeup is the more natural it will look. And it’s always best to finish with a blush. Add your favorite blush to the apples of your cheeks blending towards your temples.

If makeup application isn’t your strength Signature Salon & Spa has highly skilled makeup artists available to provide you with a makeup application or a full lesson. Learn from the best estheticians in Waukesha on how to amplify your natural beauty while enhancing your mature skin. Call today for an appointment or makeup consultation.

As we age, it’s also important to take extra special care of our skin. From a variety of facials to chemical exfoliation treatments, Signature Salon & Spa’s estheticians can improve the appearance of fine lines, increase collagen production and improve moisture retention. Learn more about our facials now or contact us today for help finding the right facial spa treatment for you.